The quality control department of textiles aims to provide current and timely information on ‘progress of work and the quality of the product based on statistics sheets and the information of customers.
The controls are always carried out at random by the inspection staff.

Service features

  • The control is performed always by arranging a counter sample approved by the customer that represents the desired level of quality.
    · The customer defines the quality supplier.
    · The customer indicates the quality level to be achieved and minor flaws and serious flaws.
    · The customer defines the sampling plan used by the Control.
    · The client defines the deadline for performing the check.

Technical specifications

  • The quality level to be achieved for the supplier is related to various parameters: production capacity, internal controls, organization etc.
  • Indicate very high levels of quality can be determined with repeated inspections failure to achieve the expected results.
  • We always recommend early relationships customer / supplier, to define a quality level “reasonable according also to the complexity of the model to achieve.


  • The service is available all year.
  • E ‘can group multiple controls to reduce the costs of the inspection.

Control Systems

  • They are used basically two methods of statistical control: simply sampling or double sampling.
  • Depending on the number of heads provided in the order you run a statistical random control. The leaders controlled based on statistical rules
  • They are spelled out reports for the detection of defects and to detect sizes.
  • The reports are submitted on paper by the day of the inspection to the company in charge of the service. The leaders are folded supplier
  • The reports are signed jointly by the head of the service and the provider responsible for assisting the control.
  • Any problems are reported to the client who is active or not to define it.
  • The control identifies all visible defects related to packaging to the regularity of texture to the hand in the control sample.
  • All the garments are removed from the cards held by the supplier suitable for shipment randomly. The cartons controlled listed in the report and are marked with a different adhesive tape so as to visually emphasize the customer where the control has been executed.
  • If during the inspection it exceeds the limit defect control is interrupted and the customer with the problem.