CQT (Textile Quality Center) is a fast structure and fast responses and in the outcomes / results needed by clients. It provides monitoring, verification and detection of chemical, technical / physical and quality of all textile products. It also performs technical and product analysis of textile products and has a research division on technology and the innovative processes.

CQT comprises the following business activities:

  • ANALYSIS  (Physical and mechanical testing, chemical analysis, solid colors, analysis of defects on fabrics and yarns)
  • CONSULTING  (on textiles, yarns, accessories, raw materials, semi-finished items, quality control at third dry cleaning, laundry, logistics, transport)
  • ORGANIZATIONAL CONSULTING (business organization and labor, process analysis, the method protocol, human resource management)
  • SURVEYS – CONTROLS – INSPECTION (Technical Expertise in various kinds of material at the companies with the release of appropriate documentation and preparation of compliance documents, verifying the original or counterfeit products)
  • ANSWERING SERVICES (translations of documents in original language)
  • TRAINING TO INDIVIDUALS / ENTERPRISES (constant update on ministerial regulations fashion industry – textiles – clothing)
  • PROVISION OF SPECIFICATIONS (suppliers, businesses, customers)
  • LEGAL ASSISTANCE (contracts, framework agreements, project feasibility analysis)
  • NETWORK OF SPECIALISTS SECTOR (certificates contacts with manufacturers, factories, logistics, dry cleaners, transportation and industry professionals)